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Blank Stare Zine - Issue I

Image of Blank Stare Zine - Issue I


WAPA's Toronto/Ottawa based comrades have the inaugral issue of their zine out.

72 pages, 8.5x5" print zine

Features submissions by:
Marty Williams Agitator
Jonah Falco Madmen, Career Suicide, and Fucked up
Spencer We Are Pretentious Assholes
Emmett Morris PlanetXdanger
and a tour journal by Deathbed

It also features interviews with:
Chris Colohan Burning Love, Cursed, The Swarm, Left For Dead, and Ruination fame
John Jospeh of the almighty Cro-Mags

Photos by:
Patrick Moore Gemini web and print zine
Scott Wade Smithfists and Comeback Kid fame
Alex Lemire Photo Documentation from the Field zine

Sold Out